Central Europe Trip – Day 3 (Munich)

October 16th,  2013

Waking up later than planned and the incessant, pouring rain meant that we couldn’t start the day as planned. We were originally planning to head to the BMW Welt and Plant, do a factory tour and take a look at the Olympic park where the infamous 1972 Olympics took place. However, we wanted to get back to Marienplatz to do a walking tour of the city at 1pm. So, we decided to first grab something to eat and come up with a new plan during breakfast.

We had some delicious chocolate filled crepe and fried eggs with cheese at Restaurant Cafe “Am Marienplatz”. Although the weather was starting to clear up, we decided to stay indoors and headed to the Deutsches Museum. It was a nice walk to the museum from Marienplatz. We saw the historic Isortor area and the river Isar on our way. Unfortunately, we rushed through the museum since we needed to get back to the tour. It was a really fun science and technology museum and it is definitely worth spending a whole day there if you have time and interest.

We grabbed  a quick bite at the Indian Mango. It was just on our way and it had great vegetarian options and was good value with lunch options for  €5.50. We made in to Marienplatz just in time for our tour. Our tour guide took us through the streets of old town Munich and educated and entertained us with the events that shaped the history of the town and its people. I would highly recommend the Sandeman’s city walking tour if you are interested in learning about the history of Munich. Even though the tour was free, we absolutely enjoyed it and all of us tipped our guide generously.

After the tour, we visited Frauenkirche which had a very interesting history and the famous devil’s footprint near the entrance. We then climbed the 300 steps of Peterskirche and got amazing views of the the city from the top – Frauenkirche, MarienPlatz, Rathaus, Glockenspiel, etc. We then went down in time for the 5pm demonstration of the Glockenspiel. It was nice to have heard the story behind the Glockenspiel and the demonstration from our tour guide earlier.

We decided to head to one of the most popular beer houses in Munich – Hofbräuhaus. It was a fantastic experience – sharing tables with strangers, listening to  live music and having great food and beer. After dinner, we headed to Rischart at Marienplatz, one of the most popular bakeries in Munich. I was told that the Black Forest cake from Rischart is a must-try. Unfortunately, it was sold out and we had a Black Forest Sundae instead. Tip: Make sure to try Rischart’s Black Forest cake and get it early in the day before it runs out!! We’ve been told that a trip to Munich is incomplete without a visit to Augustiner Bräu, the oldest brewery in Munich. So, we headed there next and after enjoying a couple of beers, we decided to call it a day and headed back our our apartment.


One thought on “Central Europe Trip – Day 3 (Munich)

  1. Your travel written in the series of order is very helpful. I wasn’t recommended the black forest bakery- should give it a try! Would request a detailed timeline though ;), would help largely to plan mine if I just wanted to replicate your trip.

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